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How It Works

MyParadocs delivers a useful and innovative way to create and store documentation on-the- go. Whether on a PC, tablet, or mobile device, we make is easy for users to create and manage reports. We have a wide variety of built-in collection tools to strengthen reports to make it more efficient. MyParadocs is for everyone! Make us your documentation headquarters. If interested, join us and document your life.

Choosing The Name

Paradocs resembles and plays off the word Paradox , defined Merriam Webster as – a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true. Similar to how a paraprofessional or paralegal’s role is termed, Paradocs was created on the premise that users will function in the role of creating and managing their own documentation “-docs”, without formal training “Para-“.

About the Founder

LaTarah Hall

Founder & CEO

LaTarah Hall, Director of Operations, founded My Paradocs in February 2017. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and currently working on her Master’s Degree in Higher Education. She recently served as Research Analyst for a community college and conducted statistical analyses, processed data, and presented research reports to various committees. She gained the experience and discipline to develop protocols, conduct herself as a researcher, and give conference presentations. Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree, she was an independent research consultant for three years in which she gained experience utilizing statistical concepts in the development of data collection instruments and methods. She currently serves as a Higher Education Communication and Events Coordinator. Due to this job function, she had the necessity to create an app where she could communicate and maintain documentation on-the-go.

“I have a wide range of experience occupationally and educationally. However, in every role that I exhibited, I could have used a service like My Paradocs to document those times when:

  • I consulted independently and needed to keep track of my progress and time spent on a project/task, essentially to create an invoice;
  • I implemented a new process at the work place to make my work more efficient;
  • I worked out of my job description and need to record my progress;
  • a client was in crisis in an uncontrolled (outside of the facility) environment;
  • I witnessed a patron have a seizure.”

Documentation and the ability to maintain your files in a safe place is important.

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