Instructional Designs

Audio Sample: Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops Absolute Extracts

This is an audio sample for a client. I also developed the sample slides using the Business Owner’s slide guide and style guide via Articulate Storyline 360.

Caring for Orchids

This instructional product was developed by a group. The group members included Lili Adnani, Trina Kleinhenz, Maria Raykova, Melinda Ung, and myself (LaTarah Hall). This design was assigned in the “Instructional Design and Technology 530 – Instructional Design: Planning, Designing, Developing, and Evaluating Technology-Based Instructions.” The goal of this project was to plan, design, and assess a computer-based instructional project as a group. Click here to see the project planning document for the Beginner’s Guide to Caring for Orchids.

Learn Spanish in Just 10 Minutes!

Created in my Instructional Design and Technology 520 -Instructional Design 1: Issues in ELearning and the Design Process course using a storyboard that was created by a colleague, Nancy Bencosme. Although this design may seem unfinished and unpolished, the design is completed based on the instructions I received from a storyboard assignment.

Instructor’s Review
“LaTarah, this is BEAUTIFUL! I think this would make a fantastic piece for your eLearning portfolio. Small things – keep the arrows in the same place on every page to keep navigation super consistent. Quiz slide was interactive, but I see that the storyboard didn’t provide directions for interactivity. You did such a lovely job developing this design. I was especially impressed by your menu. I would really love to use this as an example prototype for future classes. Please let me know if that’s OK. Great work!!” – Lindsay O’Neill

Basic APA Formatting & Citing Reference Guide

In my Instructional Design and Technology 520 – Instructional Design 1: Issues in eLearning and the Design Process I was able to create an original design. I am a huge fan of research, so the purpose of developing this project is to create a short, quick APA style reference guide for students. I was tasked with developing a flow chart and storyboard. The is the prototype outcome of my project.

Instructor’s Review
“This is great work, LaTarah! I know you said it wasn’t up to your standards, but I can see you put a ton of work and detail into this. Some feedback for future consideration: Good summary. I know who this tutorial is for and what they can expect to learn from it. Great labeling in your flowchart. It’s easy to match up your flowchart with the storyboard. Great style guide! You include all of the colors and fonts and font sizes. You include button styles too, fantastic… Overall, you have a wonderful attention to detail that shows in your care to label the destination of each button on every screen. You also did very well to provide versions of each slide to show feedback. This is very good work!!”   – Lindsay O’Neill

Building Blocks of Financial Literacy

I developed this design in my Instructional Design and Technology 505 – Instructional Design: Foundations of the Instructional Design and Web Authoring Environments. This is my first instructional design creation. My goal was to develop an online financial literacy course for adolescents. This my first attempt at developing an eLearning design to focuses on financial literacy. Check out my website prototype for an online financial literacy course for youth to see more.

Instructor’s Review
“Latarah, excellent work. This is one of the best done learning objects I’ve seen. You should be very proud. The graphics were great, the narration clear and easy to understand, and the interaction was very engaging. You should be very proud of your work.” – Mark Worden